Dream Trips Complaints

Dream Trips Complaints Talk About A Multi-Level Marketing Scam

Dream Trips is part of World Ventures, a multi-level marketing company that supposedly provides people with opportunities for cheaper travel and more. I say supposedly because unless you’re a member, you don’t really know all the details. Of course, if you hear about this from a friend, your friend might be able to tell you. That’s not the point though because by then you’re delving into the network marketing aspects of this business.

world ventures complaints

So many people with an axe to grind when it comes to World Ventures complaints

How many times have you taken on a business opportunity and found yourself talking to your family and friends about signing up? If you’ve done this, then you are likely groaning along with the rest of us when you hear about World Ventures. Of course, the idea of travelling the world definitely does have a ring to it, and that’s perhaps why yet another multi-level marketing business has been able to make it off the ground.

Now, do you really look at these opportunities as a way for everyone to benefit and enjoy these vacations? Maybe your answer is no, but you still think that you can be one of those people. Who do you plan on showing this business to? Are you going to show your family? What about your friends? If you do that, then don’t you want them to be able to enjoy those vacations? Think seriously about this for a minute.

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But isn’t every Business built on a similar looking pyramid model?

Statistics say that multi-level marketing companies benefit those at the top. Now, you might plan on being at the top. You might even think that if your family and friends work hard, they can be at the top, too. If they don’t make it, is it on them? In other words, is it their fault that they don’t get the benefits and get to take all of those vacations? If you really stop and think about what the business entails, you’re going to realize why some people think that this isn’t such a good opportunity.

Now, while I don’t like network marketing opportunities, I’m writing this in an unbiased way because the dynamics of this business and the rewards intrigued me. Furthermore, I haven’t signed up for World Ventures. I’ve simply seen that all the search engines seem to have to say about World Ventures is that people have a bunch of complaints, even calling the company a scam on numerous occasions.

Of course, in all fairness, this happens with every multi-level marketing company out there. Why?

People seem to think that because they are looking at a good opportunity to go into business for themselves easily and with a small investment, that it’s a scam if it goes wrong. Of course, it can definitely still be argued that it’s a scam in the first place no matter what people decide to do. It is what it is, and people always make out these network marketing opportunities to be more than they are. Have you ever been duped into a get rich quick scheme?

After taking a look at what the fees are, I would want to know what I get in return. Unless you pay the fees, you’re really not going to know. And remember, you’re not simply paying fees and making a few suggestions to friends. You literally have to start your own business and go after this hardcore to even have a chance at enjoying all the benefits of world travel that this company offers.

You could very well be one of the ones at the top, but right now what’s sitting at the top is the many complaints that top the search engine results. I didn’t keep digging, but I didn’t recognize one single positive review on the front page for my search about World Ventures earlier. Dream Trips complaints are all over the place.

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It seems that the complaints are far and many, but there is also a heap for UBER – and we all know how good that app is!

The idea of running a business around traveling the world does sound interesting. However, you’ve got to be able to do what the company asks you to do, or you’re simply wasting your time and money. If you go into a business like this blindly, thinking everyone can do it, why? Would you do that with an other type of business? Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that you can run a business with minimal effort, or you too will be leaving a complaint about Dream Trips.