My Personal experience with World Ventures and Dream Trips

My Personal experience with World Ventures and Dream Trips

             I’ll never forget the first day I was introduced to WorldVentures. It was an odd day, heavy rain pouring outside. Maybe that was a sign (excuse the pun). I was invited to go to a dance studio. It’s a typical MLM recruiting strategy, invite someone to a presentation while providing very little information. Since I knew the guy, the skeptic in me decided to go with my guard down.

world verntures personal experience

The Dream Trips part of it was truly too good!

I sat in a room with a large, almost cult-like group of people. We all sat waiting for the presentation to start. The guy who was giving the presentation has this sense of confidence that I’ve never seen before, It’s almost like he knew something I didn’t. His confidence was enough to keep me hooked.


He gave a quick introduction, stating who he was and what he was going to show us. He turned on the TV and pressed played. A video presentation showed people vacationing and partying at a Caribbean resort. It was an extrovert’s dream. The video then skipped to a business presentation. The whole thing smelled like a “Pyramid Scheme,” but was assured it wasn’t. Long story short, I was interested.


Manily because of its easy-to-implement strategy. Get a membership, at the time it was $365, then pay $65 a month for the DreamTrips service. Get 4 people in your organization and your membership is free. Get 20 people, and you get a “free” BMW.

world ventures BMW car

I didn’t get to see the BMW – but many harder working recruiters seem to come past them easy enough.

            Don’t like prospecting?

No problem. Invite them to a meeting. Can’t get a prospect to a meeting? Open your laptop or phone and press play. It was an introvert’s dream. The entire thing was catered to appeal to the masses. After the video, a group of people got up to share their “success stories.” If you were there that night, you would have heard them say it’s like “recommending a restaurant” or how all you have to do is “share the video.”


            My experience taught me how wrong this was.

is world ventures hard work

This certainly applies for World Ventures. Plenty of money to be made, but you have to be able to back yourself!

   I’m not knocking WorldVentures. It’s a great company and you can be successful if you know what to do. But, there are things you should know if you are considering joining. Before I get to that, let me share this experience I had. It was a game changer and can be a huge eye opener for you.


Fast forward to a year and a half in. I desperately struggled trying to recruit people. Just like 90% of reps in this industry. I helplessly looked for the “magic-bullet” for my business. Looking back, it’s not a great feeling being considered a statistic. But, at least I still “believed.”


That word BELIEVE and Don’t Quit were hammered down at all their major trainings. I attended every one of them. Mostly, to keep my sponsor happy, but ultimately to see if I can pick up something useful. After regularly attending their monthly regional trainings and their “Super Saturdays,” I began to notice a dirty little secret about these conventions. You won’t hear this from anyone else. They all shared a common theme, lots of hype, very little substance. These meetings are mainly for retention purposes. Enough motivation to keep you from quitting and very limited tactics for you to apply. Since it was made for the masses, it had to sound easy.


I didn’t discover this until after a major convention I attended.

At this point I was starving! STARVING for any type of information to propel my success.

A year and a half later, I was told by mentors and the top performers of my group that I needed to attend a major convention called “The View,” hosted by Marc Accetta.


There was a warning behind this invitation. If you didn’t go, the “mentors” would not help you with your business. Huh? What happened to “your in business for yourself but not by yourself?”


But I guess I justified it. They probably wanted to know who was serious. I was serious. Super serious. Enough to cough up $1,500 in total for this “amazing” event. The convention was considered “infotainment.” For example, Marc dressed up as Neo from the Matrix and gave a cliche blue pill, red pill analogy. He did this as several characters. It was definitely entertaining.


But, the information wasn’t what I needed. The event wasn’t as big as it was hyped up to be. Money down the drain and only nuggets of wisdom that you can find in major self-help books. What’s worse, some of our “mentors” were not there. The same ones who said they wouldn’t work with you if you didn’t go.


It took a year and a half, but my red flags were finally set on high alert. I recognized then, if I was going to be successful, I had to find an alternative strategy. Long story short, I finally did. If it wasn’t for this information, I would have never made a dime in WorldVentures.


Prior to this information, my typical recruiting strategy was to reach out to people I knew and invite them to a meeting. I had to follow the formula that everyone who succeeded used. Even though most people struggled following this formula. The typical formula involved inviting people with a sense of urgency and providing very little information.


The only thing I needed was a mask of Bernie Madoff. I sounded like a scam. As a result, I was met with heavy resistance.


Is World Ventures a scam

People would freak out when I mentioned World Ventures to them in such a manner.

After discovering a strategy outside of the company, two days later I recruited my first rep. Boom! I was ready to roll. And it made it sense. Why target people who have no interest in what I offer when I can just target people who are interested. I don’t need to go through 10 No’s just to get one Yes.

You need a good Business Strategy for your World Ventures Business

That wasn’t a business strategy. That was a “hope and wish” strategy. You can’t expect to build any real business by praying and wishing.


My success was short-lived ( I decided to venture into other projects), I stopped my WorldVentures business. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. I learned a lot, it helped forge an entrepreneur spirit in me.


I also wouldn’t discourage anyone from joining if they really wanted to. Yes, I had some bad experiences, but there were more good experiences that outweighed them. IT is important to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

world ventures pyramid scheme

Doesn’t this look like all businesses? Just like your chosen career you are working in, you can climb your way to the top with World Vetures also.

The DreamTrips alone was worth the price. The people you meet have nothing but the best interest in you and you CAN build a solid business with it. No, this is not a pyramid scheme. Franchises were once considered “pyramid schemes,” even after all these years MLM still has a bad reputation. A lot of this has to do, with the new business owners not learning the right strategy and not starting with the right expectations.

world ventures - my dream trip personal experience

I really did enjoy my time with World Ventures. I am still a member of Dream Trips, as the Trips are awesome, and I see myself being a World Ventures rep again in the future.

If you’re going to start World Ventures, start with the right expectations:

-This will not be easy.

-This is not like “recommending a restaurant or movie” (if it were, why do you need training?)

-You will struggle. It comes with the territory.

-There is more than one way to build this business. Find the top industry earners   in Network Marketing because they have information that you will not find in your company’s training. Invest in these educations and you’ll be light years ahead of everyone.

Hope and Praying is not a strategy.

This was my experience with WorldVentures. Although I’m no longer a rep, I wish them and everyone who joins nothing but success. They are continuously rolling out more incentives and bonuses, so if you join you’ll have more features you can promote. But, prepare yourself -Not everyone has the stomach for Network Marketing.

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  1. Fair review! I’m a member and doing well. It’s a long term strategy and definately not easy but I’m getting there daily, one step at a time. Im Part of a great team, none of whom stopped supporting me. Pity that was your experience. As you say, if you are coachable and learn from the leaders you will succeed. Nice review.

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