World Ventures Blue Sign

Have You Seen The World Ventures Blue Signs On Social Media?

Do you know what the World Ventures blue signs say? They say, ‘You Should be here!’ They let you know that you could be doing exactly what these people are doing. If you’re sitting there slaving away in the office, looking at a post like this can make you want to take action. Of course that’s the point, and so these posts with blue banners are quite popular for anyone associated with World Ventures. You can imagine if you were involved and traveling, you’d be taking a picture with the blue banner every trip you made.


Surely you have seen these signs before?

World Ventures is a business opportunity that people can take on in order to travel the world at discounted rates. Not only that, but if you truly do make it your own business, you’re supposed to be raking in the profits. If you think there is a disconnect in between there somewhere, I agree. Can you still enjoy the benefits without going the whole way?

What’s supposed to happen is you’re supposed to be dedicated to making this a business. And as you can guess, with any business, you must work hard to make it profitable. Be one of the people at the top, and you just might be making money simply by traveling the world and telling more and more people about this business opportunity. If you think it’s that easy from the get go, however, you’re sorely mistaken.

katy perry with you should be here sign

katy perry with you should be here sign

It’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s supposed to be rewarding. Is it for everyone? No. Have you seen posts about World Ventures on social media? This is often how people hear about World Ventures. Some of the posts are simply people posting about the opportunity however they see fit. Then there are the posts that show the people actually traveling. They might be jumping up and down on a beach somewhere in a foreign country with smiles on their faces and holding up a blue sign.

Where to get a ‘You Should Be Here!’ Sign?

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I did take a look at a review earlier that talked about these blue signs, and the person didn’t like them at all. This person hadn’t signed up for this business opportunity, but he said what he thought about it for sure. He mentioned how the blue signs aren’t really a good thing because it’s like people are trying to make others jealous. It’s not like they are telling them book a trip and come visit them. They are saying in order to do this, you have to start the same business as they did.

you should be here sign with puff daddy

P.Diddy with not with Mase, but a You Should Be Here sign!

I get both sides. I mean, it’s a smart marketing ploy. And, these people that work hard to get to go on those vacations should be free to post pictures. I mean, if you work hard all year long at your job and go on vacation, you’d share pictures, too. However, you wouldn’t necessarily hold up a blue sign promoting a business opportunity that tells others they could be there as well.

For one, not everyone needs to start a business like that. Plus, there are many who don’t really think this is a legitimate business opportunity to begin with. What do you think? I think it’s legitimate, but I think that it convinces many people to do something they can’t or won’t do. They think it’s going to be simple to get going and one big party. All it takes is an impulsive decision and a few hundred dollars and you’re on your way to traveling the world, right?

That’s what many people are going to think. It’s unfortunate because you never want to be gullible about business opportunities. However, it’s hard when you have aspirations to travel and the money just isn’t there. These kinds of opportunities tap into people’s dreams. Dream Trips is the big thing that World Ventures promotes, so it’s hard for people not to want to try it out.

It’s even making me want to look up more about the business opportunity, and I live in a tourist city that millions of people flock to each year. I also already work for myself, so why do I need to do that? That just shows you right there how strong of a pull this type of business has on people. Watch out for the blue signs on social media.