World Ventures Complaints

World Ventures Complaints That Many Consumers Have Posted

You’re not going to have to look far to find complaints about World Ventures and Dream Trips. It seems that there are quite a few people who just don’t think that this company is going to help you much when you want to travel the world. Of course, you might have heard hype about this company online or in person. The way it’s described by some of these people online, it seems like it’s almost a network marketing opportunity.

One person talks about the opportunity with World Ventures as secretive, but the explanation for that kind of baffles me. I’m not saying that this person doesn’t have a legitimate complaint, but I just wouldn’t have called it a ‘secretive’ opportunity. With network marketing opportunities, people want to get the word out. They want you to attend a World Ventures seminars, and they want you to engage with them on social media. Otherwise, they don’t benefit from getting you to join up.

It seems I’ve seen different membership fee structures described, but these fees are another complaint that many people have. Evidently, there is an initial fee and then a monthly fee that you’re responsible for each month you stay a member. Now, you might be wondering why you would be paying the fees. Are you simply starting your own business, and that is the reason the fees are required?

This is a different type of network marketing opportunity evidently. For starters, here is what the fees are for. The fees you pay accrue as points, and these points are used for the vacations you want to take. Now, the fees mentioned earlier are just part of the entire picture, as if you want to make this into a business opportunity, there is an extra initial fee and an extra monthly fee. The fee structures are definitely part of people’s complaints about this company, but it’s more about what the company delivers in return for those fees it looks like.

You are able, however, to stop having to pay the monthly fee if you start getting people signed up for World Ventures. You can imagine that simply paying the fee isn’t going to translate into anything extra special, even if you do get points to redeem for travel. You’re paying for it. Now, if you think you’re going to take this business opportunity, get plenty of people signed up under you and start traveling the world for free with plenty of money, then you’re buying into the same thing people always buy into when they take on an MLM business.

People also complain about the social media posts that they see from people involved with this company. They evidently travel in groups, and they show banners saying ‘You should be here!’ This can be rather annoying, especially if you’re seeing that and can’t take your own vacation at the time. I mean, if you want to, you’ve got to start up with a multi-level marketing company, and that just doesn’t resonate with many people.

World Ventures and Dream Trips seems very ‘Cult-like’

I live on a beach, and I don’t hold up a sign saying my friends should be there too, insinuating if they did something differently, they could have the same type of life. Plus, when you travel, wouldn’t you like to travel alone? Why are these people showing up in places around the world when they only know each other through the company?

Do you remember what I mentioned about secrecy at the beginning of this article? I didn’t get it at first, but now I do. You see, what do you think you would pay for a dream trip with World Ventures? You’re not going to know unless you join. You only know what you’d pay for an initial fee and a monthly fee. So how do you even know it’s going to be worth it?

You don’t know, but you should use common sense and know that this a multi-level marketing opportunity, nothing more. If you think you can take what you hear and run with it, then more power to you. It can happen, but the reality of the matter is it’s not going to happen for most people. It’s hype, and that’s why so many people are complaining about World Ventures – They get caught in the hype!