World Ventures Investigation

World Ventures Investigations Are Taking Place In Different Countries

Normally when you think about a business being under investigation, you think about it happening in the country in which you live. Of course, World Ventures is in a unique position because the company is based on world travel. A simple Google search will tell you right away that different countries are investigating this multi-level marketing company. Two of them that I saw right away were Norway and Jamaica.

World Ventures in Norway

However you will find that it is actually World Ventures taking Norway to court!

I’m wondering if these countries are investigating the company because of people living there that are signing up for the business or because of the people traveling there using this company. It could be both, but I just wasn’t sure if the company allowed residents outside the US to start a business with World Ventures. If they do, can you imagine the reach that this company has all over the world?

World ventures pyramid scheme in Norway

World Ventures lost their battle in Norway, and still considered a Pyramid scheme! But isn’t every company shaped like a Pyramid?

Some people get angry with multi-level marketing companies like this because of the fact that they wind up feeding the top people, not really getting anywhere with the business while still working hard. Well, doesn’t that sound a little like the corporate world that everyone else works for? That’s unfortunately how things work in the business world all too often. Still, I say this because it was brought up in one of the reviews. People say this about MLM companies thinking it’s exclusive to those companies, but it happens in most every business out there.

I know what it means to go into business for yourself, and it’s hard work, no matter what. Whether you want to work for someone else and go on those dream vacations or work for yourself and go on those dream vacations, you’re going to be working hard for sure. Also, while this company is under investigation, it’s worth pointing out that it has been around for years.

I noticed that someone posting a couple of months ago said that there were currently over 600,000 members of this organization worldwide. That’s quite a few people when you’re talking about joining up with a business opportunity. Still, if you find out how many of those people are making good money and traveling often as active members, you might not be so convinced that the number of members really means much.

As with every multi-level marketing opportunity, there are going to be many people that just don’t make it. While I did make a comparison earlier between MLM companies and regular businesses and corporations, it’s interesting to note that many of the people that don’t make the top rung with an MLM company end up making almost nothing. In fact, many of them make absolutely nothing.

Earlier, I was also wondering if people actually signed up from other countries. Well, I see that they do. In fact, I saw a statistic that showed thousands of people in South Africa that have signed up with this business opportunity. In fact, the number was over 20,000!

Dream trips vacation club

Most developed countries in the world are a part of Dream Trips!

While it’s not hard to find a positive review about World Ventures, and it’s easy to find search results with the words investigation and scam, there are positive comments made by World Ventures members. Why their reviews don’t also rank at the top of the search results, I have no idea. However, they make multiple comments underneath the negative reviews of these other people.

Moreover, one of the main reviews I had been looking at earlier was written by someone who had never even signed up with the company. If the other reviews are like that, then what weight does that hold? Moreover, you have to really watch the positive comments and any positive reviews you find as well. Not only can these be planted when it comes to a company like this, but you also need to realize that people first starting out with a business like this are going to be enthusiastic. They are going to talk a big game, and then just days or weeks later, they might be singing quite a different tune once the newness wears off.

Have you been Scammed by World Ventures?

Do you have an experience with World Ventures? Did you know that this company is under investigation? It would be interesting to see what the results of the investigations are and if anything happens to the company afterward or if it keeps going strong with hundreds of thousands or maybe even a million members by then. Let us know in the comments below.